Working together for future generations

Mandura translates as ‘trading place’ in the Jaithmathang Bimble language. Bimble is a Jaithmathang word for Tribal Lands or Country. Mandura is also now the name of Australia’s foremost Tier 1 First Nations workplace supplies company. Mandura, a joint venture with Winc, has been established in partnership with Roderick McLeod, Chairman, and Scott Allen, CEO. Roderick is a Senior Elder of the Jaithmathang Nation and Scott Allen is a descendent from the Awabakal Worimi Nations. Scott is also on the Board of First Australians Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FACCI).

Mandura has a commitment to donate 20% of all profits to the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation.

Pauline E. McLeod Foundation

Roderick McLeod


Roderick founded the Nallawilli Group in 2009 and is also Chairman of the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation. Roderick, like his sister, was part of the Stolen Generation and separated from his family for 24 years. He is now a Senior Elder of the Jaithmathang Nation and is known as Goengalla Goro Konermar Wotter.
Roderick McLeod

Scott Allen


Scott, a descendant from Awabakal Worimi Nations, is committed to advancing First Nations People’s through Mandura’s best practice approach. With 20 years’ experience in large multi-nationals such as Siemens, Microsoft and Unisys, Scott is a seasoned and collaborative business leader.

Scott Allen, CEO

Pauline E. McLeod Foundation

In early 2021, Roderick established the Not for Profit, Pauline E. McLeod Foundation in honour of his late sister.

Dedicated to creating opportunities for the next generation, the Foundation’s focus areas include First Nations mental health, entrepreneurship and education as well as positive employment opportunities for First Nations Australians.

When you work with Mandura, you stretch your procurement dollar even further. You know exactly where your money is going.

First Nations First

Mandura is different from other workplace supplies providers. We are a completely separate self-determining organisation. We offer a transparent process to report measurable social impacts and are enabled by the industry’s largest distribution network.

With a ‘First Nations First’ employment strategy, every dollar spent with Mandura works even harder, to create a strong ripple effect in First Nations Bimbles.

Our story and purpose as told by our logo

GREEN CURVES: People from all walks of life gathering together to share stories around a campfire in the same way as our ancestors have done over many generations for thousands of years since the first dawn.

GREEN DOTS: The current generation of young First Nations Australians whose lives Mandura seeks to improve through the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation.

BLACK DOT: The eternal flame representing future generations.

Mandura logo

About Jaithmathang

Jaithmathang Original Bimble is located in the Alpine region of North East Victoria including Mt Bogong, Mt Jaithmathang, Kiewa and Mitta Mitta Valleys, Cobbera Mountain Ranges, the fertile High Plains Bimble and Mt Hotham Yerto (Yerto meaning shared Bimble).

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