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Pauline E. McLeod was born in Delegate, Southern NSW. She was a member of the Stolen Generation and was removed from her natural family in 1962 aged 18 months. In 1986 she returned home and became an author, poet, master storyteller, cultural learning educator, director and performer.

Pauline E. McLeod Foundation

Pauline from Play School

Popularly known as Pauline from Play School, Pauline was one of the first Indigenous performers to appear regularly on a nation-wide television show in Australia. Throughout her lifetime Pauline presented her Cultural Learning stories at schools, working with children and youth from preschool to high school grades. She was also a guest lecturer in Aboriginal studies at TAFE colleges and universities throughout New South Wales and a storyteller at the Opera House, Australian Museum and the National Gallery in Canberra.

Mandura has a commitment to donate 20% of all profits to the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation.

Pauline E. McLeod Foundation

Dedicated to creating opportunities for the next generation

Roderick McLeod, Pauline’s brother, is the Founder of the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation. Under his leadership, the Foundation seeks to continue Pauline’s journey of building acceptance, understanding and healing with a focus on creating positive opportunities for the next generations.

The Foundation’s focus areas include First Nations mental health, entrepreneurship and education as well as positive employment opportunities for First Nations Australians.

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