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Creating a better future for First Nations entrepreneurs

While the First Nations business sector is growing, there’s still plenty of work to be done in creating a more sustainable future for its entrepreneurs who often face complex generational challenges, adversities and hardships. It’s crucial that we think bigger when it comes to supporting and advocating for the next generation of First Nations entrepreneurs. Scott Allen, CEO of Mandura shares his thoughts.

The true value of engaging with First Nations businesses

More businesses are looking to make smarter and more meaningful choices through their procurement spend and supplier relations. However, it can be challenging to recognise the true value gained through these partnerships and transactions. Scott Allen, a descendent from the Awabakal Worimi Nations and CEO of Mandura, unpacks what ‘value for money’ truly means and how you can stretch your dollar further by supporting First Nations organisations.

Mandura Bunjil Range

The Mandura Bunjil chair series is an Officially Licensed Australian Made product, meeting strict Australian manufacturing and quality standards.

How to set social procurement targets for your business

Social procurement is the term used when a business procures goods or services of social value. These businesses are choosing to buy goods from other businesses that are committed to dedicating a percentage of annual profits towards achieving a social mission.

6 ways to celebrate cultural diversity at work

Did you know Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world? Australians identify with over 300 ancestries so it’s important to promote inclusiveness, respect and belonging in the workplace. We spoke to Scott Allen, CEO of Mandura to discuss six ways you can celebrate cultural diversity at work.

The role of First Nations business in driving social change

First Nations businesses have become a driving force for social change, growth and the prosperity of First Nations communities around Australia. Scott Allen, descendent from the Awabakal Worimi Nations and CEO of Mandura speaks about the challenges of First Nations businesses and how we can help overcome them.

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