What is social procurement?

Social procurement is the term used when a business procures goods or services of social value. These businesses are choosing to buy goods from other businesses that are committed to dedicating a percentage of annual profits towards achieving a social mission.

These businesses are known as social enterprises – and include many with First Nations ownership. So chances are when you choose to make a purchase from First Nations businesses, you are contributing back to the communities in which they operate and creating positive economic and social outcomes.

Why is it beneficial to have a social procurement strategy?

Introducing a social procurement strategy into your business will redirect your buying power to create social change and give you the ability to track your positive impact in social value. Having a good social procurement strategy offers a range of benefits for your business, your people and the social outcomes you are supporting.

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About Mandura

Mandura is different from other workplace supplies providers. We are a completely separate self-determining organisation, offer a transparent process to report measurable social impacts and are enabled by Australia’s largest distribution network.

Mandura caters to every workplace need across office products, technology, furniture, cleaning and hygiene, health and safety as well as kitchen. Mandura also offers products sourced from a range of diverse suppliers including social enterprises as well as nine First Nations brands, helping you meet a range of corporate social responsibility targets.

By partnering with Mandura you can effortlessly meet targets with a Tier 1 First Nations spend with 20% of all Mandura profits delivered to the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation to support the next generation.

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